“Kiser Group has worked with Sabrina for over two years, and she exceeds the results of previously retained agencies. She understands our company goals and translates those into promotional goals. She then seeks the proper content to achieve these goals. Sometimes the content already exists, and she finds a proper media outlet for it. Other times the content needs to be brought out, so she digs in to help create it through interviewing staff, asking about current business, ghost-writing articles for review, or seeking speaking opportunities where the content she discovers can be brought forward. Sabrina works closely with our marketing team to make sure her intended direction is consistent with other efforts in progress. In addition, Sabrina monitors activities within our industry. This helps us determine proper PR strategy and sometimes even business strategy. Above all, Sabrina is consistent in her activity earning us frequent high-profile media placements and speaking engagements.

Lee Kiser
Principal & Managing Broker Kiser Group

"Sometimes—or all the time—public relations work feels like tossing coins into a deep wishing well. News releases drop to the bottom without a splash. Sabrina Wottreng sees what’s going on behind the scenes and explains the whole game. 

I’ve attended plenty of PR training, but nothing nearly as valuable as Sabrina’s #DIYPR workshop. There have been revolutions in both the PR and mass media industries in the last few years, and Sabrina knows how to produce results in this era of radical change."

Diana Schneidman
Writer and Author

"Sabrina Wottreng is young, fresh, creative and re-inventing typical PR. She not only will handle your PR for you, but teach you about PR and how to manage a lot of it yourself along the way. When one strategy doesn’t work, she creates a new one.  She came up with ideas that I never even dreamed of!"

Colleen Shaughnessy
Founder & CEO LulaFit


Sabrina helped me launch my whole writing career as a lifestyle, health/sex/fitness writer. Plain and simple. At the time I was a part-time writer and health coach, and our goal was to find placement in media outlets to build my health coaching business. My writing career was small and focused on private clients, rather than magazines. After getting my first few appearances in Bustle, I chose to reach out to them to ask for a lifestyle writer position. I used those articles as a hook to make a connection, and I was fortunate enough to get the job. From there, my career boomed. I now write for several outlets, like Men's Health, Health, Cooking Light, POPSUGAR, Women's Health, Men's Journal, and more, and I am also the author of 5-Minute Energy. Without Sabrina's help, I wouldn't have had the resources to succeed in a full-time writing career and discover my passion. I don't know if I would've had the business I have today.”

Isadora Baum


"Sabrina Wottreng brought a fresh creative voice to my fashion brand.  She has the youth and energy necessary for today’s market, while retaining professionalism like a seasoned vet. Utilizing direct relationships with influencers and top press contacts, Sabrina worked tirelessly to introduce my products to a larger audience in my target market. She taught me valuable PR strategies that I continue to use in my press releases and social media campaigns."

Anna Hovet
CEO, Head Designer, Anna Hovet Designs

"In the health world, PR is basically your resume. Thanks to Sabrina, my resume is quite long. Clients come to me from all over the country having found me from press placements. Sabrina got my fitness facility featured in Insidehook as "Chicago's best for quick results," and business has been booming ever since."

Darin Hulslander
CEO, DNS Performance and Nutrition

"Before working with Sabrina, I had no experience with gaining media exposure and wanted to get my name and business out there in a bigger way to serve more women in my niche market. After just a month and a half working with Sabrina, I was quoted in several media outlets, one including Dr. Oz! I look forward to continuing a working relationship with Sabrina for all of my PR needs in the upcoming future."

Christine Dyan Thomson, RDN, LDN, CHHC
Registered Dietitian/Body Empowerment Coach for Women Over 40